What Did Derek Chauvin Write on His Hand Before Guilty Verdict?

Former Minneapolis Police Department officer Derek Chauvin could end up in prison for over seven decades; he was found guilty on Tuesday on all three charges in relation to George Floyd’s killing. The former cop is currently awaiting his sentence, which is expected to be announced in the summer.

Derek Chauvin wrote something on his hand before being remanded into custody on Tuesday, when a jury voted to convict the former police officer on all three charges of murdering George Floyd last May.

The videos from the court room show writing in dark ink on Chauvin’s left palm as he is being handcuffed and escorted out, following his bail’s revocation.

The ex-policeman’s lawyer Eric Nelson has confirmed to TMZ that the inscription was his phone number – his client penned the digits shortly before the conviction. As a person familiar with the system, Chauvin knew that if the jury find him guilty of second-degree murder, his bail could be revoked immediately and he would end up in jail, with scant chance of being able to call anyone except his lawyer.

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