Twitterians Share Hilarious Suggestions on How Suez Canal Accident Could Have Been Resolved

The range of memes varied from using SpaceX rockets and the Gingerbread Man to help remove the Ever Given ship that blocked the waterway to searching alternative passages, and even digging up a new canal. Ironically, a ship much larger than Ever Given had passed through the canal shortly before the accident with no problems arising.

Loads of funny suggestions as to how to clear the Suez Canal have been offered by netizens, with tweets continuing to flow despite the actual resumption of navigation on the waterway.

The Suez Canal was blocked when a 224,000-tonne and 400 meters-long (1,300 feet) megaship sailing from China to the Netherlands ran aground amid high winds and a sandstorm that affected visibility. It took almost a week for the authorities to finally clear the canal, with offers for assistance pouring in from across the world. The passage was finally unblocked on Monday following the successful refloating of Ever Given. The accident was triggering losses of up to $15 million daily. 

The crisis could not have left social media users unmoved, as they rushed to offer a helping hand, coming up with a bunch of rather creative ideas.