Reality Confirmed

In the wake of the deadly Capitol riot, it was no secret that supporters of former US President Donald Trump stormed the federal building in an effort to halt the certification of the US election results. However, despite that knowledge, conspiracy theories emerged detailing that “fake” Trump supporters took part in the siege.

FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed on Tuesday for a second time that his agency has found “no evidence” to support claims that Antifa participated in the insurrection, or that individuals purposely posed as Trump supporters before engaging in violent behavior.

The hearing also saw the director note the FBI is presently investigating some 2,000 domestic terrorism cases, a massive spike as investigators continue to probe threats linked to the insurrection.

Additionally, Wray told lawmakers during the Capitol Hill hearing that more than 270 people have been hit with riot-related charges, and that the bureau has received about 300,000 tips linked to the January 6 events.

A Tuesday report published by George Washington University’s Program on Extremism found that 33 individuals who were charged for taking part in the riot had belonged to right-wing militia groups, whereas another 82 made up part of “organized clusters” of friends and associates.

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