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Jordan’s FM: Prince Hamzah Was in Contact With ‘Foreign Agencies’ to Undermine National Security

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Jordanian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi said on Sunday that an investigation found Prince Hamzah bin Hussein’s and two officials had held contacts with foreign intelligence agencies to destabilise the country.

“Security agencies, through joint, expansive and thorough investigations by the Jordanian Armed Forces and the General Intelligence Directorate and the Public Security Directorate, followed the movements and activities of Crown Prince Hamza Bin Hussein and the honourable Hassan Bin Zeid, and Bassem Ibrahim Awadallah and others targeting the national security and stability,” Safadi said at a press briefing in Amman.

The foreign minister went on to say that the royal had held contacts with unnamed foreign intelligence and was seeking to depose the current King Abdullah II.

“The investigations found foreign interference and contacts including contacts with foreign parties around the best timing to begin taking steps to undermine the security of our Jordan,” Safadi added.

He also said that King Abdullah II met with his half-brother yesterday night and “ordered him to stop all actions that targeted Jordan’s security and stability,” to which Hamzah “responded negatively.”

The minister explained that Prince Hamzah and those close to him had contacted Jordanian opposition abroad and activists and figures in the country to join them.

Safadi added that the unnamed foreign intelligence service contacted Prince Hamzah’s wife yesterday and offered to provide a plane to fly them out of the country.

Meanwhile, Saudi King Salman has affirmed his country’s support to Jordan’s King Abdullah for all measures he is taking to preserve the stability and security of Jordan, the Saudi Press Agency reported. 

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