George Floyd: Jury Deliberates on Fate of Ex-Cop Derek Chauvin in Murder Trial

Minnesota authorities have tightened security as federal, state, and local law enforcement brace for violence as the US awaits the jury’s verdict.

Sputnik is live from Minneapolis in the US where the jury in the George Floyd trial is deliberating Derek Chauvin’s fate. The former cop was charged with murder and manslaughter over the May 2020 death of African-American man Floyd. The 12-member jury ended Monday deliberations without a verdict.

Following three weeks of testimonies, the defence and prosecution made their closing statements on 19 April.

Over 3,000 Minnesota National Guard personnel have been deployed to maintain order. US media reported earlier that the Biden administration considered deploying National Guard units in all fifty states in the event of mass unrest following the trail’s outcome. US President Biden is expected to give a televised address to the nation after the verdict is delivered.

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