Driver in India Converts Three-Wheeler Into Oxygen Ambulance To Help COVID Sufferers – Video

Ambulances queuing outside hospitals, bodies piling up outside crematoriums and graveyards for hours and basic medical facilities seeming to crumble throughout the country because of the shortage of hospital beds and ventilators – this is the grim pandemic reality in India today.

Moved by pictures and videos showing the devastation wrought throughout India by the latest surge in COVID-19, a car in Bhopal, the capital city of India’s state of Madhya Pradesh, has turned his vehicle into a mini-ambulance.

Javed Khan, the car’s owner, is offering free rides to COVID-19 patients. He has also equipped his vehicle with an oxygen cylinder, sanitisers and some medicines.

​Speaking to local media, Khan said: “People are dying for want of oxygen and most of them are unable to reach the hospital on time. I couldn’t help myself and temporarily fixed an oxygen cylinder in my car.”

On Wednesday, Madhya Pradesh registered 12,758 new cases and 105 fatalities.

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