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Businessman Who Offered to Fly Prince Hamzah Out of Jordan Is ex-Mossad Agent, Reports Claim

Jordanian officials have announced that the former crown prince, Hamzah bin Hussein, and two other palace officials had held contacts with unnamed foreign intelligence agencies to destabilize the Kingdom. Hamzah himself said he was placed under house arrest and cut off from communication.

The man who contacted Prince Hamzah recently and offered him help to escape Jordan has ties to the Mossad spy agency, local media reports say.

According to news agency “Ammon”, which is close to the Jordanian security services, the man’s name is Roy Shaposhnik and he is allegedly a former Mossad officer.

An Axios report, however, said that Shaposhnik provided a statement in which he denied any involvement in the alleged coup d’etat and dismissed reports he had ever worked for Mossad. However, he did confirm that he had offered assistance to Prince Hamzah and his family.

“I am an Israeli living in Europe. I never served in any role in the Israeli intelligence services,” Shaposhnik reportedly said. “I don’t have any knowledge of the events that took place in Jordan or of the people involved. I am a close personal friend of Prince Hamzah.”

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