Bulgaria’s Ruling Party Ahead in Parliamentary Vote With Over 23%, Early Results Shows

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Bulgaria’s ruling GERB party is winning in the parliamentary elections with more than 23 percent of the votes, according to early results from the Central Election Commission released after 6.7 of the votes had been counted.

GERB is coming ahead with 23.66 percent; the anti-establishment There is Such A People party is second with 17.15 percent, while the Bulgarian Socialist Party is third with 16.51 percent.

They are followed by Democratic Bulgaria with 10.6 percent of the votes, Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 10.6 percent, Stand Up! Mafia Out! with 4.59 percent and the nationalist VMRO party with 3.32 percent.

Parliamentary elections were held in Bulgaria on Sunday, with 22 parties and eight coalitions having taken part, as well as independent candidates. The turnout was 43.9 percent.

Exit poll data showed that GERB was the winner in the elections with some 25 percent.

The previous legislative elections in Bulgaria were held in March 2017, when Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s pro-EU conservative GERB party secured victory with 33.54 percent of the votes.

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